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The platform that equips you with the efficient tools to run your business online(digitally).
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Intuitive and Friendly User Experience

Shopit is accessible for everyone. The flow, visual interface and store analytics are all easy to use and interact with.

For Store owners, staffs and customers

You can operate on Shopit as either a store owner or a staff. You can also be a customer and buy products from other stores.

Online/ Digital Personalized store

You can create your personal store, run it with utmost privacy and control with your business strategy.

Inventory and Orders Tracking

We have a dedicated inventory system that tracks your products and notifies you when they are low and your store orders.

Secured Payment and Payout(wallet)

Payments transactions are safe and secured with Paystack and Flutterwave. The payout wallet runs like the Paystack payout policy and system.
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